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Our modular stage system allows the configuration of a large platform or multiple smaller platforms indoors or out, giving you the flexibility required in your planning. We are proud of our ability to provide a safe, secure and flexible product that meets the demands of any event whilst conforming to all regulatory standards.

The staging system includes various decking modules and interchangeable legs to create various heights, shapes and sizes including circles and triangles on flat, uneven or sloping surfaces.

We have a great range of accessories such as skirts, ramps, steps and handrails to provide a sturdy, safe and professional looking stage.

Not only does it come in various shapes such as rectangles, triangles, squares and circles, it also has two standard top finishes, black or an outdoor slip resistant top. Some stage modules also have customised tops with hatches, textures, colours or Perspex tops for the extra wow factor.

The support system for the stage tops is fully height adjustable so it can be placed on almost any surface contour and made level, tiered or sloping. Depending on the stage design additional bracing and accessories will be used to provide a very sturdy platform to hold groups of people, vehicles and much more.