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Conferences & Seminars

Are you organising a regional, national or international conference? Conferences bring people together in a way that enables them to connect, communicate and learn. Image Group NZ understands how important delivering a truly innovative and engaging experience is for you, your organisation and delegates.

Whether you are organising a corporate, training, education, or sales conference, we will work with conference organisers and businesses from all over New Zealand to provide a complete integrated solution. We strive to provide an immersive experience for delegates using our audio, visual, lighting, styling, staging and multi-media design services. From projectors to speaker systems, lighting to cameras, staging to draping, we can provide a combination that suits your event needs and budget.

Image Group NZ can provide continuity and a complete immersive experience by taking care of all technical and aesthetic aspects from the plenary/keynote room to breakout rooms through to registration and the exhibition space to create a harmonious environment.

While most conferences centre around a plenary/keynote space, speaker preparation and breakout sessions must be given the same attention to ensure that presenters are relaxed and delegates can focus on the presentations. Image Group NZ can provide a range of breakout room solutions to suit your audience size and budget. Where Image Group NZ can provide the most benefit is with having helpful, experienced, knowledgeable technicians on-site to manage your breakout rooms and to ensure things run smoothly.

Your meeting/conference may have input from speakers who are not able to be present at the meeting venue, for example they may be overseas or have limited time. Video conferencing allows two-way communication so the speaker can present and also respond to questions from the local audience.  Video conferencing also allows delegates unable to attend, to see and hear presentations from another location.

Alternatively, web-streaming/casting can give you greater reach and engagement with your target market. Image Group NZ has both the expertise and technology to make this happen. In addition, we can record your conference or seminar, edit the recording as required and either upload to the internet or provide a digital copy (DVD or USB).