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Theatrical and Performing Arts Projects

Show business is our business... Image Group NZ’s roots originated from theatrical and musical shows and we are passionate about the performing arts. Most of our staff has experience both on stage and behind the scenes to create the magic that is a live show.

Image Group NZ has worked in multiple theatres with varying degrees of technology, space and attendance sizes, we are well versed in the various forms of performing arts; theatrical and musical shows, comedy, contemporary and classical dance. We are always excited to share our passion and experience with amateur and professional directors, performers and all those involved in creating the ultimate theatre going experience. We also work alongside schools and amateur groups to provide technical advice, training and experience.

Our extensive range of traditional theatrical lighting along with modern LED technologies and bespoke accessories enables us to provide a solution that best fits your creative requirements and budget. Other services we often provide include speaker systems, wired and wireless microphones, projection technologies, staging units for stage extensions, risers or mobile platforms, gauzes, black theatre drapes, glitter curtains and specialty draping, props and set construction.

All our equipment is cased for ease of transportation and systems can be created to provide efficiency and ease of use when touring or doing multi venue shows.