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Production Management Services

A successful event requires the seamless integration of many elements and attention to detail during all phases of the project, from design and planning through to logistics and technical implementation and execution.

We help our clients produce amazing events and our role as production managers brings together all of the technical and aesthetic elements in one easy solution.

Our ability to supply multiple services in-house provides you with:

By utilising our production management services and quality equipment we can save you valuable time and money while allowing you to focus your effort on other aspects of the event. We bring with us our expertise, attention to detail and personal experiences across our many disciplines to any location, indoors or out at any time.

Our team will work with you right from the concept and design stage through to creating a schedule and calling the show on the day. We develop solutions alongside each client, specify the equipment needed, provide the right team for the job, and provide a hassle and worry free experience for you and your guests.

Design & Planning

The technical components of your event like audio, visual, lighting and set design can often be complex, and we know how difficult it can be to access all of the details you need when planning an event. At Image Group NZ we make the technical components less complex and instil peace of mind by providing a complete service in-house from start to finish no matter how big or small your event is.

We can help you plan your event with careful consideration of all aspects of event production, from logistics, compliance and risk management to the specifics of room or venue design, installation & dismantling of equipment and operation & coordination of technical elements.

Our range of production management planing services includes :

  • Management of all technical and/or aesthetic aspects of the event from brief to execution
  • Provision of a detailed proposal with adjustments made as required
  • Provision of design concepts, illustrations and 2D and 3D visuals
  • Provision of venue and site layouts
  • Calculation of technical aspects such as rigging loading, projector distances and brightness, lighting angles etc.
  • Production of the event schedule or run sheet in co-operation with the event manager/co-ordinator
  • Collaborating with directors, event producers, sponsors and other event partners
  • Coordinating logistics including transportation, venue access, installation and dismantling
  • Liaising with other suppliers, caterers and venues
  • Workplace safety management and compliance including safety and logistics summary for yourself and the venue

Implementation & Execution

Placing your trust in others to execute your vision can be a daunting prospect. We have invested in our well qualified and experienced team of event professionals to ensure they have the know-how and experience to deliver your event on time, every time. Image Group NZ are proud members of a number of industry bodies who guide and inform our training and provide support to help us work to the industry best practices and Health and Safety guidelines.

We know that technology is often the area that provides the ‘fingers crossed’ moments during an event so we thoroughly test our systems and where possible provide backup options to ensure your special event goes without a hitch.

Our range of production managment execution services includes:

  • Delivery and installation of equipment
  • Pre-show system and quality check
  • Operation of all technical components for the rehearsals and during the show/event
  • Stage management and show calling to ensuring everything runs smoothly
  • Dismantling and collection of equipment

Post Event

Having presented a great performance, dismantled the equipment and loaded the truck, we ensure that the venue is left in the same condition as when we arrived.

We then de-brief as a team and look at ways we could improve our performance from start to finish and seek feedback from our clients. We appreciate and encourage feedback and always look forward to doing it all again next time!