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Technical Services

Before the curtain goes up, there has to be a stage, scenery, lighting, audio, and video, and it all has to work seamlessly. Image Group NZ is in the business of providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your event has the right equipment, expertise and skill level required.

Levels of Engagement

We provide several equipment hire options to suit a range of event co-ordinator's needs and wants, from a couple of cables through to some basic wedding lighting or a complete stadium transformation with lighting, sound, draping, and much more!

We have several service levels available and can customise a solution to suit your needs:

  • Consultation, technical advice & design

    Not sure where to start? Image Group NZ offers a free 30 minute consultation to get you started and discuss your event requirements and vision. From here we can work out what assistance you require and provide you with some options to move forward which may involve a basic quote through to a full production management service, or anywhere in between.

  • DIY equipment hire

    You collect, setup, operate, pack down and return the equipment yourself - we will provide advice and talk you through everything before you leave. Please note that not all our equipment is available for DIY.

  • Equipment hire with delivery & collection

    Not all items fit in a standard vehicle so we can deliver your items at an agreed time and provide you with information on how to use the equipment. You then set up, operate and pack down the equipment as received. At the end of your event we will collect all the equipment at an agreed time.

  • Equipment hire with delivery, set up, test, pack down & collect

    We will set everything up and test all the equipment onsite. We then take you through how it operates; you then operate or simply turn on and off. At the end we will then come back and pack down and collect the equipment, leaving you to relax and unwind.

  • Equipment hire with delivery, set up, test, operate, pack down & collect

    You provide all the specifications, layout and documentation for your event, our crew then do all the hard work for you by setting up, testing plus one or more of our technical operators will run the equipment for your event. We then pack down and collect the equipment.

  • Equipment operation and/or stage managment

    We will provide crew, operators and stage management staff to an existing venue setup.

  • Design, specify, co-ordinate technical & design elements, organise logistics, set up, test, operate, pack down & collect

    This is your hassle and worry free solution and Image Group NZ’s area of expertise. We take care of all the technical and design elements from providing concepts through to packing down and leaving the venue the same way we found it. This service is encapsulated in our Production Management service.

Streaming & Webinars

There's no doubt that recent events have caused individuals and organisations to find new avenues of communicating. Image Group NZ has the expertise and the equipment to help you engage with your audience, should that be purely online, or a hybrid of both in-person and online.

The kind of content, the intended audience, the level of audience participation needed, and whether the audience needs to pay to view or participate are some of the considerations to take into account in deciding whether your event is to be a live stream or a webinar, and what platform(s) best suit those needs.

  • Streaming

    If your event requires little in the way of online audience interaction, or is simply a means of enabling those who cannot attend your event in- person to be a part of what's happening, using a streaming platform such as YouTube or Facebook may be the best way to broadcast your event. Your intended online audience can be the general public and free to view, or a select audience - for example, people within your organisation, or those who have registered or paid to view.

  • Webinar

    Should your event be intended for a select audience and requires a high level of engagement, then using a webinar platform such as Zoom, GoToWebinar or WebinarJam may be the best option. Webinars allow greater interaction through the use of online tools such as Q&A, chat, and polling - such tools are useful for events such as AGMs, town halls, and product releases/demonstrations.

Image Group NZ is able to advise you on the best platform to use for your event, as well as how to plan, prepare and promote it, as well as ways to limit your audience and charge for attendance.


One of the most important aspects for any event is audio. Whether it is a single presenter, full concert or just background music we can design and implement a system suitable to your needs.  Supporting a functional system is our team of technicians and experienced audio operators to ensure your performers and attendees have a great experience.

Check out our range of Audio equipment.


Vision is such an integral part of any event these days and the complexity and knowledge for these systems is ever increasing. The value in having a professional AV company work with you to negate issues and problem solve is vital to a successful event. As every event is different we provide basic solutions right through to boutique and custom designs to create a wow factor and impact to your event. Image Group NZ has the skilled, up-to- date and knowledgeable staff to design and implement a quality system that meets your needs and vision. Also check out our live streaming and videography services for added flexibility.

Check out our range of Vision equipment.

Videography & Video Editing

Videography for live events is becoming more popular, whether it is for IMAG (Image Magnification) at your event, broadcast via web or recorded for post-production. At Image Group NZ we have the skills and equipment in-house to provide you with a quality IMAG, recording and/or live stream solution. We also offer video editing, so if you require a promo video, highlights reel, an edit of an event with into and outro graphics, or anything in between, talk to us.

Check out our range of Vision equipment.


Lighting is a key part in creating any environment and can be used to emphasis a theme, create mood or simply enable people to see what is going on, on or off the stage. Our experienced lighting staff have a creative eye, understand the technology and its capabilities and can design, implement and operate a lighting solution that will enhance your event, no matter how big or small your venue or event.

Check out our range of Lighting equipment.


For added atmosphere and effect, our selection of effects equipment can provide the finishing touches and create special moments. Most of our effects equipment can be dry hired or installed by one of our technicians to get the best results.

Check out our range of Effects equipment.

Drapery & Pole System

At Image Group NZ we focus on providing a quality product that fits with the overall look and feel for your event. Nothing transforms, divides or enhances a space like draping.

We supply draping for a range of projects such as wedding and photography backdrops, presentation and award backdrops to elegant entrances, theme reinforcement, theatrical productions and full stadium dressings. We also use draping to cover distracting or unwanted features such as windows, inappropriate signage or unpleasantly coloured walls. All the drapes are fire retardant and we have a range of accessories to assist with unusual drapery requirements.

Our range of free-standing pole systems makes installation of draping, lightweight signage or banners possible in most situations. The frame pole system is modular so almost any width can be created by attaching additional sections and from 1m to 6m in height. In situations where the pole system is not suitable we can offer other alternatives such as rigging/trussing.

Check out our range of Draping equipment.
Check out our range of Pole system equipment.


Our large range of rigging equipment enables us to provide a solution suitable to your event, venue and budget. We stock quality rigging equipment that have calculated and tested ratings. All our rigging equipment is regularly serviced, checked and maintained.

Safety is of the upmost importance when rigging which is why all of our riggers have years of experience coupled with training to work at height, height rescue and the operation of various items of access equipment. We have our own harnesses, rescue equipment and rescue plans when working with rigging and access equipment.

Check out our range of Rigging equipment.


If you are looking for a professional looking, well designed and constructed temporary stage, catwalk or platform, then we have a solution for your event. We also have a range of sizes, shapes and heights available.

Our modular stage system allows the configuration of a large platform or multiple smaller platforms indoors or out, giving you the flexibility required in your planning. Our experienced and conscientious crew carefully and efficiently deliver, install, dismantle and collect any of our staging options.

Check out our range of Staging equipment.

Associated Services

Having associated in-house services to support the main technical systems provides peace of mind and ease of management for our clients. We do this through our full service offering and ensuring that all the dots connect and work as one. Our associated technical services include; furniture, exhibition paneling and power reticulation. Our ability to provide all these associated services to our clients, to a high standard makes Image Group NZ so much more than just an AV company.

Check out our range of Furniture equipment.
Check out our range of Exhibition equipment.
Check out our range of Power equipment.


We’re passionate about supplying your event with the best and most suitable equipment for your event, which is why we have invested in a wide range of products and keep up to date with equipment innovations and technology. We are particular about the equipment we use and supply. We only stock reliable and trusted brands to deliver consistent and professional results.

If there is a product that you cannot find on our website please contact us as we may have recently purchased it. If this isn’t the case we can either source the equipment for you from our network of suppliers or recommend an alternative option suitable for your event.

For an overview of our equipment capabilities please refer to the Event Equipment section of our website or Download our Equipment Catalogue.